The Longest Day-62 The Longest Day Paisá-1946 Noche y niebla Roma cittá aperta-1945
Roma cittá aperta Il generale della Rovere The Best Years of Our Lives The Waterloo Bridge Objective Burma-45
Objective Burma-45 Objective Burma Objective Burma Objective Burma-1945 Objective Burma-45
Bridge Over Kwai-57 The Story of Gi.Joe Desperate Journey-42 To be or not to be-1942 The Dam Busters-55
Judgment of Nuremberg-61 Guns of Navarone-61 La gran evasión-1963 Los violentos de Kelly-70 Patton-1970
Tora, Tora, Tora-70 The Bunker-1981 The Bunker-1981 Das Boot-1981 Merry Xmas Mr.Lawrence-83
Empire of the Sun-1987 Empire of the Sun-Spielberg Memphis Belle-1990 Memphis Belle-1990

The Schindler's List-Spielberg-93 The Schindler's List-Spielberg-93 Saving Private Ryan-1998 Saving Private Ryan-1998 Saving Private Ryan-1998
Saving Private Ryan-1998 The Thin Red Line-1998 The Thin Red Line-1998 The Thin Red Line-1998 The Thin Red Line-Malick
Enemy at the gates-2001 Enemy at the gates-2001 The Pianist-Polanski-2002 The Pianist-Polanski-2002 Amen-2002
Windtalkers-2002 Windtalkers-2002 Der untergang-2004 Der untergang-2004 Der untergang-2004
Flags of our-Fathers-2006 Letters from Iwo Jima-2006 The Reader-Daldry-2008 Defiance-Zwick-2008 Defiance-Zwick-2008
Valkyrie-2008 Inglorious Basterds-2009 Inglorious Basterds-Tarantino Flowers of War-Yimou-2011 Stalingrad-2013
Stalingrad-2013 Fury-2014 Fury-2014 Imitation Game-2014 Monument Men-2014
Suite Française-2014 Unbroken-2014 Son of Saul-2015 Under sandet-2015 Under sandet-2015


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