Tom Jones Accident-Joseph Losey 1967 Lawrence of Arabia D.Lean62 Lawrence of Arabia-D.Lean62
Gandhi-R.Attemborough82 A Passage to India-Lean1984 Chariots of Fire-Hudson-1981 A Fish Called Wanda 1988
A Fish Called Wanda 1988 My Left Foot-J.Sheridan 1989 Howards End-James Ivory92 Shadowlands-R.Attemborough93
Ang Lee (USA-UK)
In The Name of the Father-1993 The Remains of the Day-Ivory93 Sense and Sensibility-95 Secrets & Lies - 1996
Secrets & Lies - 1996 Secrets and Lies-M.Leigh The Van-Stephen Frears-1996 Trainspotting-D.Boyle 96 [+]
All or Nothing - M.Leigh 2002 All or Nothing - M.Leigh2002 28Days Later-D.Boyle 2002[+] Vera Drake 2004
Joe Wright (FRA-UK)
Pride and Prejudice-J.Wright05 The Queen - S.Frears - 2006 Happy Go Lucky -Leigh-2008 Happy Go Lucky-Leigh-2008
The Snapper-S.Frears 1993 The Snapper-S.Frears 1993 Another Year-Leigh 2010 [+] The Kings's Speech-2010
Richard Curtis (UK-USA-FRA) Dir: Terry Gilliam & Terry Jones
Tyrannosaur-P.Considine2011 Love Actually-R.Curtis 2003 M.P.Holy Grail -1975 Happy Go Lucky-Leigh-2008