Richard Curtis (UK-USA-FRA)
All or Nothing - M.Leigh 2002 All or Nothing - M.Leigh2002 28Days Later-D.Boyle 2002[+] Love Actually-R.Curtis 2003
Joe Wright (FRA-UK)
Vera Drake-Leigh  2004 Vera Drake-Leigh  2004 Pride and Prejudice-J.Wright05 Pride and Prejudice- [+]
Pride and Prejudice [+] The Queen - S.Frears - 2006 Happy Go Lucky-Leigh-2008 Happy Go Lucky -Leigh-2008
Happy Go Lucky-Leigh-2008 The Edge of Love-Maybury-2008 Bread and Roses-Loach-2000 Sweet Sixteen-Loach-2002
The Navigators-Loach-2001 The Wind That Shakes-2006 It's a Free World-Loach-2007 Looking for Eric-Loach-2009
Fish Tank-Arnold-2009  [+] Fish Tank-Arnold-2009  [+] Fish Tank-Arnold-2009  [+] The Young Victoria-Vallée09
Another Year-Leigh 2010 [+] The Kings's Speech-2010 Route Irish - 2010 Tyrannosaur-P.Considine2011
Dangerous Method-2011 Becoming Jane-2007 Mr Turner-2014