El séptimo sello-1957 Planet of the Apes-1968 Invasion Body Snatchers 78 Mad Max-1979 Mad Max-1979
Terminator-1984 Mad Max Thunderdome-85 Terminator 2-1991 Body Snatchers-1993 12 Monkeys-1995
Kevin Reynolds Kevin Costner
12 Monkeys-1995 Waterworld-1995 El día de la Bestia-1995 Independence Day-1996 The Postman-1997
Starship Troopers-1997 LOTR - Mordor-2001 28 Days Later-2002 28 Days Later-2002 Resident Evil-2002
Lawrence Kasdan
Dreamcatcher-2003 Dreamcatcher-2003 Children of Men-2006 United 93-2006 United 93-2006
28 Weeks later-2007 28 Weeks Later-2007 28 Weeks Later-2007 28 Days Later-2007 28 Weeks Later-2007
Will Smith
28 Weeks Later-2007 I am Legend-2007 I am Legend-2007 I am Legend-2007 I am Legend-2007
I am Legend-2007 The Invasion-2007 Resident Evil-extintion-07 Andrómeda Strain-2008 The Day the Earth Stood Still
The Day the Earth-2008 The Happening-2008 The Road-2009 The Road-2009 The Road-2009
Knowing-2009 Zombieland-2009 Zombieland-2009 2012-2009 2012-2009
2012-2009 2012-2009 Skyline-2010 Skyline-2010 Skyline-2010
Skyline-2010 The Book of Eli-2010 Battle L.A.-2011 Battle L.A.-2011 Battle L.A.-2011
Take Shelter-2011 Contagion-2011 Rise of the Planet-2011 Resident Evil-2012 After Earth-2013
World War Z-2013 The Rover-2014 Young Ones-2014 San Andreas-2015 Z For Zachariah-2015
Warcraft-2016 Resident Evil-Final Chapter-16 Colossal-2017 Geostorm-2017 Life-2017


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