Room Service-1938 Great Dictator-1940 The Philadelphia Story-1940 Asenic and Old Lace-1944 Some Like it Hot-1959
Don Camilo-1955 Divorzio alla Italiana-61 Don Camilo monsignore-61 One, Two, Three-1961 Nutty Professor-1963
The Party-1968 Holy Grail-1975 [+] The Life of Brian-1979 The Life of Brian-1979 King of Comedy-Scorsese-82
John Hughes
Ferris Bueller's Day Off-86 Ferris Bueller's Day Off-86 Radio Days-1987 [+] Rising Arizona-1987 Rising Arizona-1987
A Fish Called Wanda-88 [+] A Fish Called Wanda-88 The Burbs-1989 Cadillac-Man-1990 Mediterraneo-1991 [+]
The Commitments-1991 Sister Act-1992 The Snapper-1993 Caro diario-Moretti-93 [+] Four Weddings-1994
Mighty Aphrodite-1995 Forget Paris-1995 Deconstructing Harry-97 [+] There's something-1998 Office Space-1999