Frankenstein-Whale Monsieur Verdoux-Chaplin Night of the Hunter-1955 Night of the Hunter-1955 Psycho-1960
Psycho-Hitchcock-1960 Psycho-Hitchcock-1960 Psycho-Hitchcock-1960 M-Fritz Lang M-Fritz Lang
M-Fritz Lang Texas Chainsaw-1974 Dressed to Kill-dePalma-1980 Friday 13-1980 Henry, Portrait - 1986
Twin Peaks-David Lynch-90 The Silence of the Lambs-91 The Silence of the Lambs-91 The Silence of the Lambs-91 The Silence of the Lambs-91
Barton Fink-Coen-1991 Barton Fink-Coen-91 Shadows and Fog-1991 Kalifornia-1993 Kalifornia-1993
Kalifornia-1993 Natural Born Killers-1994 Natural Born Killers-1994 Seven-D.Fincher-1995 Seven-D.Fincher-1995
Eureka-Shinji Aoyama [+]-2000 Wolf Creek-2005 Jindabyne-2006 Jindabyne-2006 Dead Girl-2006
Sweeney Tod-2007 Sweeney Tod-2007 The Brave One - 2007 The Brave One - 2007 Zodiac-Fincher-2007
Zodiac-Fincher-2007 Zodiac-Fincher-2007 Zodiac-Fincher-2007 Changeling-2008 The Lovely Bones-P.Jackson
The Lovely Bones-2009 The Collector-2009 The Collector-2009 A Perfect Getaway-2009 A Perfect Getaway-2009
Millennium I -2009 Millennium USA -2011 We Need to Talk-2011 Need to Talk About Kevin The Paperboy-2012
The Paperboy-2012 Seven Psychopaths-2012 The Sightseers-2012 The Call-2013 Stoker-2013
Prisoners-2013 Frozen Ground-2013 Hijo de Caín-2013 Hijo de Caín-2013 Walk among tombstones-2014
Walk among tombstones-2014 Walk among tombstones-2014