The World at War-73 Hearts and Minds-1974 Best Boy - Ira Whol-1979 Roger and Me-1989 Baraka-1992
The Big One-M.Moore-1997 El caso Pinochet-2001 Bowling for Columbine-2002 Touching the Void-2003 Comandante-Stone-2003
The Fog of War-E.Morris-03 El cielo gira-M.Alvarez-2004 Why We Fight-E.Jarecki-04 Mur - Simone Bitton-2004 Super Size Me-Spurlock-2004
Génesis-2004 El tren de la memoria-Arribas-05 Collateral Murder Murderball-2005 Una cierta verdad-GªRoure
Sir, No, Sir-Zeiger 2005 Fahrenheit 9/11-2004 Born Into Brothels-2004 Memoria del saqueo-2004 Darwin's Nightmare-2004
Angeles y demonios La increíble máquina Alien Planet - Darwin 4 Las fotos del infierno nazi El honor de las injurias
Grizzly Man-Herzog-2005 Grizzly Man-Herzog-2005 Six Degrees Could Change Aguaviva-A.Pujol-2005 The Story of 1-2005
Weapons of Mass Deception Workingman's Death-2005 Enron, The Smartest Guys-05 La dignidad de los nadies-05 Deliver Us from Evil-2006
Las alas de la vida-2006 Iraq for Sale-2006 Manufactured Landscapes-06 Jesus Camp-Ewing-2006 Iraq in Fragments-Longley-06
An Inconvenient Truth-06 Cocaine Cowboys-2006 No End Sight-2007 Taking Liberties-2007 Taxi to the Dark Side-07
Sicko - Michael Moore-2007 El abogado del terror-Schroeder-07 The 11th Hour-2007 White Light Black Rain-2007 Encounters at the End of -07
War Made Easy-Alper-2007 Standard Operating Procedure-08 Religulous-2008 Le monde selon Monsanto-08 Food, Inc.-Robert Kenner-2008
Trouble the Water-2008 Man on Wire-2008 Yellowstone-2009 Home-2009 Patton 360º-2009
Dir.: Jacques Perrin, Jacques Cluzaud
Turtle: The incredible-Stringer-09 Outrage-Kirby Dick -2009 Oceans-Perrin-2009 The Human Journey-09 Collapse-Chris Smith-2009
The Shock Doctrine-2009 Oh my God-P.Rodger-2009 The Anctartica Challenge-09 Facing Ali-McCormack- 2009 Charles Darwin's Tree of Life-09
The Cove-Psyhoyos-2009 Capitalism: a Love Story-09 Life-BBC-2009


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