Secrets & Lies-Leigh-UK Petits arrangements [+] Interiors-Allen 1978 Respiro - Crialese [+] A través del espejo-Bergman
El silencio-Bergman El silencio-Bergman Gritos y susurros-Bergman-1972 Gritos y susurros-Bergman-1972 Fanny y Alexander-Bergman
Fanny y Alexander-Bergman Mary Poppins-Stevenson-1964 Rainman-Levinson-1988 The Savages-Jenkins 2007 8 Femmes-Ozon [+]
Brothers McMullen-1995 The sound of music-1965 A Straigh Story-Lynch 1999 Chop Shop-Bahrani-2007 The Groomsmen-E.Burns-06
Dos hermanos-Burman-10 [+] Sense and Sensibility [+] Pride & Prejudice-2005 [+] Pride & Prejudice-2005 [+] Rachel Getting Married-Demme-2008
Happy Tears-Lichtenstein-09 Happy Tears-Lichtenstein-09 Adaptation-Spike Jonze-2002 The Godfather-Coppola [+] The Godfather-Coppola [+]
E.T. Spielgerg 1982 [+] Cassandra's Dream-Allen La colmena - Erice 1973 [+] Días azules [+] The Proposition-Hillcoat-2005
Dir: Sidney Lumet Il y a longtemps que je t'aime
We own the Night-2007 [+] Before the Devil Knows-2007 il y a longtemps qui je 2008 il y a longtemps qui je 2008 2  vidas Andrés Rabadán-08
Dir: Saverio Costanzo
Going the Distance-2010 La solitudine dei numeri-10 [+] Everyday-Levine-2010 You can count-2000 Wilbur wants to-02
Winter's Bone-Granik-2010 Winter's Bone-Granik-2010 The Fighter-Russell-2010 The Kids are all right-2010 Martha, Marcy, May -2011
Para qué sirve un oso-2011 Jeff, who lives at Home-11 Your sister's sister-11 Our Idiot Brother 2011 L'enfant d'en haut-Meier-2012
This is where I leave you-2014 Skeleton Twins-2014


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