High Noon-Zinnemann-1952 The Night of the Hunter-1955 Coup de Torchon-1981 Nikita-Luc Besson-1990 Nikita-Luc Besson-1990
Boyz'n the Hood-1991 Todo por la pasta-91 Unforgiven-1992 Lčon-Luc Besson-1994 Fargo-Coen 1996 [+]
Saving Private Ryan-98 The Boondock Saints-1999 Snatch-Guy Ritchie-2000 [+] Resident Evil - Afterlife Training Day-2001
Robin Hood Prince of the Thieves
Terminator 2 [+] Things to do in Denver Robin Hood-1991 24 h Road to Perdition [+]
Resident Evil Resident Evil Resident Evil Cold Mountain-2003 Resident Evil
Wanted-Mekmanbetov-2008 The Invasion-2007 [+] Le pacte des loups-2001 The Road-2009 [+] The Road-2009 [+]
Matrix - Morfeo Robin Hood [+] Mononoke-Miyazaki Mononoke Robocop
Sucker Punch-2003 Kill Bill 2-2004 A history of Violence-05 The wind that Shakes-Loach-06 The Brave One-2007
30 Days of Night-2007 [+] No country for old men-2007 3:10 to Yuma-2007 Wrong Turn at Tahoe-09 Taking of Pelham-2009
Disappearance Alice-2009 Whiteout-2009 True Grit-Coen-2010 True Grit-Coen-2010 Route Irish-Loach-2010
Meeks Cutoff-2010 From Paris-2010 No habrá paz-2011 Les Lyonnais-2011 Three Musketeers 2011
Red State-K.Smith-11 Blackthonrn-Mateo Gil-2011 Grupo 7-2012 Cosopoli-Cronenberg-2012 The Hunger Games-2012
Get the Gringo-2012 Safe House-2012 Cloud Atlas-2012 Skyfall-2012 Lawless-2012
Savages-2012 Safe-2012 2 guns-2013 The Rover-2014 3 Days to Kill-2014
Cop Car-2015 Spy-2015


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