El espíritu de la colmena-73 Alice Doesn't Live Here [D]-74 Ordinary People-1980 The Bunker-1981 Rising Arizona-Coen-1987
My Left Foot-1989 Trust-Hartley-1990 Little Man Tate-1991 Conte d'hiver-Rohmer-92 The Sanaper-1993
Ladybird, ladyibird-Loach-94 Antonia's Line-1995 Ponette-1996 Secrets & Lies-Leigh [+]-1996 La ville est tranquile-2000
Erin Brocovich-2000 Yi Yi - Edward Yang-2000 Historias mínimas-Sorin-2002 All or Nothing-2002 The Hours-2002
L'adversaire-N.Garcia-2002 Le papillon-2002 Nos enfants cheris-2003 Since Otar Left [+]-2003 Io no ho paura- [+] 2003
Io no ho paura- [+] 2003 Rois et reine-2004 Yesterday-2004 Palindromes-2004 The Door in the Floor-2004
Shaun of the Dead-2004 La dignidad de los nadie-05 L'Enfant-Dardenne-2005 Bee Season-2005 Juno-2007
It`s a Free World-Loach-2007 3:10 to Yuma [+] 2007 Leonera-Trapero [+]-2008 Los girasoles ciegos-2008 Sunshine Cleaning-2008
Home-Ursula Meier--2008 Meres et filles-2009 Le refuge-Ozon 2009 Hierro-2009 J'ai Tué ma mère-Xavier Dolan-2009
Mademoiselle Chambon-2009 Everyday -Richard Levine-10 Oranges and Sunshine-2010 Oranges and Sunshine-2010 Animal Kingdom - 2010
Le nom des gens-2010 The Tree-2010 The Tree-2010 You Again-2010 It's Kind of a Funny Story-10
Just Go with It-Dugan-2011 Mildred Pierce-2011 Friends with Benefits-2011 A separation - 2011 The Help-2011
¿Para qué sirve un oso?-2011 Peace, Love-2011 Dream House-2011 A Little bit of Heaven-2011 We need to talk-2011
People Like Us-2012 Iceman-2012 Lo imposible-2012 La vie d'une autre-2012 Un bonheur jamais-2012
Post tenebras lux-2012 In Another Country-2012 In Another Country-2012 Adore-2013 Gimme Shelter-2013
Stoker-2013 Babadook-2014 Boyhood-2014 Marsella-2014 Ashby-2015
No escape-2015 Secret in their eyes-2015 Mia madre-2015 Room-2015 Midnight-special-2016


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