Adam's Rib-G.Cukor-1949 The Philadelphia-Cukor-40 Cat on a Hot-Brooks Cat on a Hot Tin Roof-1958 Who's ...Virginia Wolf-1966
Lion in Winter-1968 Lion in Winter-1968 Robin and Marian-R.Lester Secretos de un matrimonio Maniaci sentimentali-Izzo-94
Secretos de un matrimonio Gritos y susurros Gritos y susurros-Bergman Matrimonio a la italiana [+] On Golden Pond-Rydell-1981
Shoot the Moon-Alan Parker82 Idetificazione di una dona-82 The Big Chill-L.Kasdan-1983 Paris, Texas-Wenders-1984 Paris, Texas-1984
Los dublineses. Decadentes reuniones sociales de una clase acabada. Steven Soderbergh
Raising Arizona-1987 The Dead - John Huston-87 Sex, Lies and Videotape-89 Green Card-1990 Husbands and Wives-[D]-92
Nil by Mouth-1997 Magnolia-1999 Eyes Wide Shut-Kubrick-99 YiYi - Edward Yang [+]-00 Merci pour le -Chabrol-2000
Monsoon Wedding-2001 Saraband-Bergman Saraband-2003 Vera Drake-Leigh-04 [+] The Door in the Floor-2004
5 x 2-F.Ozon-2004 5x2 - F.Ozon - 2004 Imagine Me & You-2005 Peindre ou faire l'amour-05 Peindre ou faire l'amour-05
Tapas-2005 [+] Away from Her-Polley-2006 Luz silenciosa-Reygadas-07 The Duchess-2008 [+] Julie & Julia-2009
Another Year-Mike Leigh-10 La solitudine dei numeri-10 Rabbit Hole-2010 Biutiful-Iñárritu-2010 Fair Game-2010
Submarine-R.Ayoade-2010 You Again-2010 Carnage-Polanski 2011 A separation-2011 Les Lyonnais-2011
360 - F.Meirelles-2011 Le Havre-Kaurismaki-2011 The Dilemma-R.Howard-11 Take This Waltz-2011 Deep Blue Sea-2011
Five-Year Engagement-2012 Hope Springs - 2012 This is 40-2012 Silver Linnings Playbook-12 To Rome With Love-12 [+]
The Attack-2012 Side Effects-2013 Week End-R.Michell-2013 A most Violent Year-2014 45 Years-2015
The Gift-2015


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