Mumford-L.Kasdan-1999 Dreamcatcher-Kasdan-2003 Lady in the Water-2006 I am Legend-2007
Michael Clayton-2007 Collateral-2004 Blood Diammond-Zwick-2006 Love and Other Drugs-2010
The Last Airbender-2010 The Bourne Legacy-2012 [+] The Bourne Legacy-2012 [+] The Dark Night-Nolan-2008
Larry Crowne-2011 Hunger Games-2012 Hunger Games-2012 Snow White-2012
Snow White-2012 Snow White-2012 Treasure Planet-2002 Treasure Planet-Disney
Water for Elephants-2011 Gnomeo & Juliet-2011 Water Horse-2007 [+] Defiance-Zwick-2008 [+]
Defiance-Zwick-2008 [+] The Interpreter-Pollack-2005 Darling Companion-2012 One Fine Day-Hoffman-1996
Dying Young-1991