25 Distopías            


25 novelas Distopía según Best Sci-Fi Books:
1. 1984 (George Orwell)
2. Fahrenheit 451 (Ray Bradbury)
3. Brave New World (Robert Aldous Huxley)
4. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep (Phillip K. Dick)
5. A Canticle for Leibowitz (Walter Miller)

The Forever War Mega City The Forever War

6. The Running Man (Stephen King)
7. The Chrysalids (John Wyndham)
8. The Time Machine (H.G. Wells)
9. Neuromancer (William Gibson)
10. Logan's Run (William Nolan, George Clayton Johnson)

World War Z   Ender's Game-Scott Card I Robot-2004

11. The Dispossessed (Ursula Le Guin)
12. Oryx and Crake (Margaret Atwood)
13. Cat's Cradle (Kurt Vonnegut)
14. The Road(Cormac McCarthy)
15. I Am Legend (Richard Matheson)

The Sentinel-Clarke The Dark Tower-S.King Gateway - F.Pohl The Neuromancer-Gibson

16. The Children of Men (P.D. James)
17. The Female Man (Joanna Russ)
18. Altered Carbon(Richard K Morgan)
19. Book of the New Sun(Gene Wolfe )
20. Clockwork Orange (Anthony Burgess)

La chica mecánica La chica mecánica Nodriza Cita con Rama-A.C.Clarke

21. We (Yevgeny Zamyatin)
22. The Iron Heel (Jack London)
23. Atlas Shrugged(Ayn Rand)
24. Cloud Atlas (David Mitchell)
25. Across the Universe (Beth Revis)

The Forever War Paradise Fountain-Clarke Cita con Rama Paradise Fountain-Clarke

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